12 Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life

12 Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life

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As we are growing as an urban society, we begin to realize that we’ve somehow lost the connection with our inner selves.  Although modern life can offer many commodities we still need time and place in our contemporary urban settings to thrive and relax. As we are dealing with many stressful situations every day, living a stress-free life seems difficult.  Good for us, there are many ways to battle stress and here are our 12 picks that can help you on your journey.


1. Identify triggers

What is it that really stresses you out? Compiling a list of triggers is the first step towards a stress free life. Think about what makes you anxious or tense and how you react in different situations. Once you have a list, either try to eliminate those triggers from your life or learn how to deal with them better. Sometimes just changing the way you look at problems can help solve them.


2. Turn off Your Phone

We are all dependent on technology and spending time on your laptop or smartphone can be fun. The truth is it can increase your levels of stress. Yes, a phone call from a close friend can be nice but checking your calls and emails all the time can have a bad effect on you. Rather than spending time on your phone or laptop, go and meet up with close friends.


3. Go for a Walk

Going for a short walk either alone or with a friend or pet can have a great impact on your body and mind. Just by walking 10 minutes a day you will get to clear up your head, boost your endorphin levels and breathe some fresh air.


4. Eat healthy

eating healthy

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Even though we all enjoy comfort food every now and then the truth is it is not so good for us. Yes, pizza and chocolate will give us instant feeling of comfort but they’ll only increase our stress levels. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Add some tasty fish to your menu, avoid processed canned foods et voila, you’re already helping yourself by nourishing your body with healthy essentials.


5. Get organized

Being organized is half the way to success. We’re sure you know how meeting deadlines can be stressful. Luckily, there are so many options nowadays to help you keep organized. Have a post-it board or simply buy a big calendar and a few highlighters and you’re set.


6. Find a Hobby

Do you enjoy photography, knitting or just playing board games with your friends and family? Then do it whenever you feel like it. Or do something new such as upcycling. It has grown into a very serious up-and-coming industry. Not only you are getting rid of the junk around the house but you will turn it into useful and objects. It’s fun, useful, and great for the environment. Plus you can make money out of it.


7. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”

Next time you pay for a gym make sure you use it. Regular exercise is much more than toning muscles. By exercising regularly your body is becoming more resistant towards stressful situations. We guarantee you will boost your self-esteem, feel energized and enthusiastic.


8. Get Yourself a Plant

You might think you don’t have skills for growing plants but once you start you will enjoy it. Plants can actually calm you down. Not only they look good, they also serve as air purifiers. Any kind of plant would do. From succulents to freshly grown spices. It feels nice to take care about something, too.


9. Meditate


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Your home is your temple and you should be able to have a corner to rest and relax. Whether it is your bed, a comfy armchair or a yoga mat, make sure you spend at least 15 minutes a day listening to soothing music and visualizing. You don’t need to be a meditation expert. There are plenty tutorials online on how to breathe properly and think about lovely places.


10. Drink Tea

Tea is one of the best solutions for stress. It helps your body get rid of toxins and it tastes so good. You can buy different natural tea blends nowadays. We suggest green tea for the morning, jasmine for the afternoon and chamomile with lemon before going to bed.


11. Put on Some Music

Whether you are into heavy metal, classical or R’n’B, make sure you listen to music every day. Music has a soothing effect and if you play it loud enough and jump while you listen to it, all the negative energy will go out. Don’t forget to sing in the shower, too!


12. Write

Remember how you used to like summing up your day in a diary? Good thing is you’re still allowed to do that. From poems and stories to random thoughts just written down, writing can help you de-stress and get back to your problems whenever you feel like it. All you need is to open your journal.