4 Great Ways To Maintain Your Skin Tenderness

skin tenderness

To have a clear, healthy skin and maintain skin tenderness would seem a wishful thinking if you don’t maintain good personal hygiene. Protecting the skin from dirt, refusing to share a towel and washing the face at least twice daily are some of the basic measures you have to strictly adhere to.

Furthermore, keeping the skin always moisturized, cleansing it regularly and protecting it from harsh ultraviolet rays can enable you to achieve the goal of having an immaculate skin. While makeups are obviously a mantra to follow, experimenting should be very minimal.

Some of the best ways to maintain your skin tenderness include:


Drink water, juices and herbal teas

Water is the key to a tender skin as it flushes out all toxins in the body and leaves a glowing look to your face. The more water one takes, the faster it works on the skin by always keeping it hydrated. Furthermore, a glass of fresh fruit juice daily is an added advantage since fruits have vitamins that are very essential for your skin.

Make it a routine to take a glass of pineapple or orange juice every day. On the other hand, herbal tea is a universal remedy for eliminating skin disorders as well as helping to cut down body fats. Replace a cup of coffee or normal tea with herbal tea and you will begin to notice the difference within one a week.


Eat vegetable and anything that is not junk

There is no better substitute to vitamins received by eating vegetables. Consumption of green leafy vegetables could go a long way in giving you that tender skin you always want. Among the foods to consume for a clear skin, cereals can never miss in that list. Instead of including a burger in your breakfast, go for milk, cereals and brown bread.

This would not only give you proteins and vitamins in your meal for a tender skin, but will also help you lose those extra fats that prevent you from staying healthy. And finally, avoid junk foods as they can wash away all the efforts to maintain a healthy skin.


Apply moisturizers, sunscreen and massage oils

Always keep the skin hydrated by applying moisturizers. Face moisturizers should be of high quality; the natural facial moisturizers could also be used to hydrate the skin. Skin that’s dry, in most cases, tends to lose all its glossy appearance and automatically looks very unhealthy. Furthermore, in order to maintain that glow and clarity of your skin, you should never get out of the house without applying a high quality sunscreen solution.

It removes all the dead and tanned cells from the skin and prevents it from further damage from the sunlight. Moreover, at your free time, massage the skin with jojoba oil or olive oil, which naturally gives you a tender and glowing skin by keeping it wrinkle free, glowing and youthful.


Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and stress

Excessive smoking would damage the skin cell, form dark circles under the eyes and make one look older than they actually are. Alcohol tends to ignite acne eruptions. In addition, it’s medically proven that depression and stress aggravate the skin problems. To maintain a tender skin, avoid them.

Image credit: yeko / 123RF Stock Photo