5 Cosmetic Surgery Myths Debunked

cosmetic surgery myths
In this current day and age, appearance can mean everything, and in some cases, can even be the deciding factor when searching for an elusive and lucrative job opportunity. As a result of this, men and women from all over the globe are forking out thousands upon thousands, and going under the knife to have cosmetic surgery carried out on them.

Now, there is nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance, and cosmetic surgery has helped scores upon scores of people to feel better about themselves. Some people however, turn their noses up at the thought of cosmetic surgery before knowing the full facts about what each procedure can entail.

There are a number of common myths and misconceptions out there when it comes to plastic surgery, and in this article we will look at five of the most common, and attempt to set the record straight once and for all.


Liposuction is an effective way to lose weight – Wrong!

Liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure, it’s a procedure designed to re-sculpt the way your body looks. It is designed to remove small stubborn areas of body fat that people cannot seem to lose with diet and exercise alone.


There is no way of treating cellulite – Wrong!

Now, many of the creams on the market designed to treat and remove cellulite simply do not work. There are however, effective treatments available that can actually present impressive results. One treatment in particular, is a treatment that works by passing heat underneath the skin of the troubled areas.

This results in the heat breaking the cellulite fibres, and reducing the presence of cellulite greatly. Results can actually last up to five years.


Brest augmentation or reduction requires major surgery – False again!

Having surgery performed on your breasts does not always require spending hours under the knife and having a major procedure carried out. At times in fact, a simple liposuction procedure can actually help to reduce breast size, and also to give a subtle lift.

As well as this, having major breast surgery can also leave very nasty looking scars, so if you only require a slight change in appearance, then you should see if liposuction is an option.


Sea or salt water can effectively treat acne – Wrong!

Many people suffering from acne visit the beach during the summertime in an attempt to cure or treat their acne. Now, going to the beach can be effective, but it is not because of the salt in the sea water. It is actually because of the sun. The sun helps to kill the bacteria that can cause acne on the skin.

There is now a treatment available that helps to re-create this natural process, without the risk of getting sunburn, or other dangers to your health associated with spending too much time in the sun.


Surgery is the only way of getting rid of loose skin – Partly true!

If you are left with a lot of loose skin after losing a huge amount of weight in a short period of time, then to remove the excess saggy, loose skin, surgery is really the only effective option. If however, you just have a few stubborn areas of loose skin, after a pregnancy perhaps, there are certain laser procedures that can help to tighten the skin by up to 40%. The heat from the laser causes the collagen fibres in the skin to contract and tighten.

So there you have it, just five of the more common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery. If you have been looking into having any of the procedures listed above carried out, then hopefully your mind is a little more at ease, and you now know what you should expect from these various procedures.

Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo