All About Scabs – From Causes To Treatments



What is a scab?

Scabs are basically a medical condition wherein there is a formation of the coagulated blood in the skin surface upon the healing process of the wound. Some would describe it as a hard coating. When a person has it, there is a new growth over the skin that was damaged. It may have the ability to occur right after the acute injury or perhaps due to recurrent breakouts of certain chronic diseases like psoriasis. It is a rare condition that it creates and seeks a medical attention.

What are its symptoms?

Depending on the disease condition that brought about the person to experience scabbing, he or she may experience certain symptoms that go along with the scabbing condition such as:
– Itchy skin
– Discharge or Pus
– Soreness or pain
– Burning feeling
– Bruising
– Tingling sensation
– Swelling
– Warmth
– Redness
– Crusting
– Thickening of the skin


What causes it?

Medically speaking, a lot of medical conditions can lead to the appearance of scabs. Most often, it is brought about by mere scratching of one body area. When a skin is regularly scratched, it will lead to the formation of a lesion which will in turn lead to scabbing formation.

Other medical conditions that form a scab are as follows:
– Laceration
– Burns
– Blisters
– Abrasions
– Shingles or chicken pox
– Dermatitis artefacta
– Atopic dermatitis
– Bacterial skin infection
– Psoriasis lesion
– Pemphigus vulgaris


How do you treat it?

Scabs are a natural body response. However, despite the good thing it offers, some persons find it as something unpleasant. This is especially true if it appears on areas that are exposed. The aim or goal of scab treatment is basically preventing infection and further damage or harm to the injured area. The following is used treatment in the management of scab:


Pharmacological treatment

Usually the treatment used is the antibiotic ointment which is applied to the affected area. This will enable moisture over the wounded area and aids in keeping the affected area to be fresh. In addition, it also makes recuperation faster.



This is done to remove the particles that are dirty and which may stick to it. This is a good habit to do to prevent infection occurring.


Application of tea tree oil

Another good remedy is the application of tea tree oil which is known to have an antiseptic property benefits for persons with this kind of condition. You can get it in an oil or gel form. The oil form is much more effective and famously used by many. When using an oil form, you need to be sure that you dry up the area before placing on clothes.


Baking soda paste

This kind of paste is used in removing scabs and impeding on the formation of scars. This is good for scab that is nearing the recuperation process or during the complete recuperation of the scabbed area.

Scabs have the ability to progress to infection, making you suffer more, if you do not treat it well. So on the first symptom, better seek for your doctor’s advice.

Image credit: pixinoo / 123RF Stock Photo