Cellulitis Prevention – Useful Tips

cellulitis prevention

Cellulitis is a typical bacterial infection of the skin that is likely to be serious, and cellulitis prevention tips must be given considerable amount of consideration. It is an infection that manifests beneath the skin. Cellulitis usually appears swollen, and the reddish part of the skin is tender and feels hot.

It may spread quickly, especially on lower legs which are commonly affected by the disease. Understand that cellulitis can also appear on the face and body.

Cellulitis not only affects the skin’s surface, the infection can also involve the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis (both belong to the skin’s deeper layers). It can invade the blood stream and affect the lymph nodes, and if the infection won’t be stopped immediately, then it can be life-threatening.

There are a number of bacteria that can cause cellulitis but the most common are Staphylococci and Streptococci. Cellulitis does not choose any gender, age, race, culture, or location to infect although the infection is prevalent among elderly and middle-aged. Even though it can pose imminent danger to health, it can still be prevented.


Tips To Prevent Cellulitis

There is nothing that can beat proper hygiene in terms of preventing any infection from spreading or from manifesting. Maintaining cleanliness at all times can hinder any bacteria from invading the body and cause infection.

Never take an open wound or cuts for granted because they can serve as bacteria’s gateway into the body. Immediately attend to any cuts or wounds to prevent further complications. Wash the wound daily with soap and water.

Apply necessary ointment or cream in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

See if any redness or pain will occur once a wound was inflicted on the body. Never hesitate to see a doctor for help. Never self medicate because it usually brings more harm than benefits.

It is wise to keep the immune system at its peak by maintaining healthy diet and proper exercise. Taking supplements to help boost the immune system is not bad, consult the medical authority first before taking supplements.

Extra Care for People with Poor Circulation and/or Diabetes

People with poor circulation or diabetes or both must be wise and diligent enough to check their feet on a regular basis. Any signs of injury must not be taken for granted to prevent onset of infection.

Give extra care when trimming the toenails or fingernails to avoid causing cuts to surrounding skin.

Daily moisturizing can help the skin maintain its suppleness to prevent it from drying that can lead to cracking and peeling that can create cut on the skin.

Wear appropriate footwear to protect the feet and gloves to protect the hands whenever necessary.

Although cellulitis is not communicable, there are other skin infections that are contagious which can sometimes cause skin break. Avoid contact with anyone who has a superficial skin infection which can lead to cellulitis.


Cellulitis Signs And Symptoms

Knowing the signs and symptoms can also help a lot in preventing the infection from creating further damage.

The usual symptoms and signs of cellulitis are swelling, redness, tenderness that feels hot, pain, and fever. Sometimes there are chills. It is only right to consult the doctor immediately, especially if uncertain why such signs and symptoms manifest.


Important Facts To Remember About Cellulitis

Cellulitis is not contagious and it can be treated with antibiotics in intravenous and oral form if not prevented. It might be a cliché, but prevention is still better than cure.

Cellulitis usually appears in places where there are skin breaks such as surgical wounds.

No one should take cellulitis lightly. It is necessary to follow the cellulitis prevention tips in order to hinder possible health risks.

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