Cellulitis Risk Factors – What You Should Know

cellulitis risk factors

The flora that occurs naturally in our bodies includes some bacteria that will either thrive externally or internally without harming our bodies when their numbers are controlled and are found where they should be.

We have cases when this is interfered with and could lead to one getting the infection cellulitis as the bacteria on the outside finds its way to the inner part of the body.

It may occur in different areas of the human body and the bacteria that cause this are Streptococcus Group A and Staphylococcus aureus.

They both have a role in the different kinds of cellulitis that one may suffer from whether it’s on the breasts, face, perianal, orbital or the lower part of the leg cellulitis.

When inside one’s body they do not act the same where the Group A Streptococcus easily spread underneath the skin producing enzymes that break the cells.

This infection will occur all over the body unlike the one of Staphylococcus aureus that is localized and occurs where it enters the body.

There are a number of risk factors that may make one develop this infection. One of this is injury to the skin like burns, fractures or cuts where the bacteria have a way in to your body.

When the immune system has been weakened your body becomes powerless to infections. We have conditions like leukemia, Kidney and liver problems and poor circulation that weaken it.

In addition, there are medications when used for some time will result in the same problem. Another risk factor of cellulitis is disorders of the skin like shingles, eczema and athlete’s foot where the skin breaks opening a doorway for the bacteria to enter the body.

When the skin is swollen the tissue may break down leaving one open to the cellulitis infection. Another risk factor is the history of having had this infection especially in the leg. Obesity is not only a cellulitis risk factor but it increases too the chances of it recurring over and over.

These risk factors may signal a more serious problem below the skin as the bacteria that have found its way in can move fast to other sections of the body.

When cellulitis occurs frequently it will cause damages to the drainage function of the lymphatic system? Other risk factors include chemotherapy, wounds from surgery, pregnancy, problems of the veins, lupus and HIV/AIDS among others.

Though doctors may know the causes of this infection, they are not able to explain why one will have the infection and other will be risk free. Research has shown that there are people who have these risk factors that raise their chances of getting the infection.

If you feel you are searching a person, you need to see the doctor who can suggest ways to reduce these risks. We need to take better care of our bodies as some of the factors can be avoided by the way we live.

Hygienic lifestyle is one way especially if we keep the wounds clean and taken care of for quicker healing.

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