Check These Important Facts About Skin Inflammation

skin inflammation

Skin inflammation is also known as dermatitis or skin rash. A rash is usually a reaction and the condition of the skin that is abnormal. Skin inflammation can occur as a result of insect bites, allergy, and irritation among other conditions. It can occur in anyone irrespective of their age or gender.

It can be an indication of a mild disease or condition such as ringworm. It can appear because of moderate disease or conditions such as hives, allergy or chicken pox .Skin inflammation can also occur due to serious conditions that are life threatening such as allergic pupura and meningitis.

Skin inflammation can appear and disappear quickly. It however depends with the cause. It can also cause sudden when an individual is exposed to allergens or particular plants .When caused by a serious disorder, skin inflammation can last for a very long time.

There are many causes of skin inflammation. These include: allergic reactions, bacterial infection, drug reactions, trauma, fungal infections, viral infections, eczema and urticaria.


Symptoms of skin inflammation

The symptoms and signs of skin inflammation vary greatly in terms of appearance and extent. This depends with the cause of the condition .Skin inflammation can appear as spots or dots occurring on a large area. The dots can be white, red, bumpy or silver.

There may failing off of the cells of the skins, or even scaling .Skin inflammation shown by spots that are purple in color can be an indication of very serious conditions such as allergic pupura or meningitis.
Skin inflammation caused by allergic reactions is shown by signs such as sneezing, red eyes, runny nose or hives. Infectious diseases such as scabies and chicken pox can result to itching if one has skin inflammation.

Skin inflammation caused by life threatening conditions such as anaphylaxis is shown by symptoms such as swelling of the face, stool with blood stains, wheezing and confusion.
Treatment of skin inflammation

There are several steps that one can follow to heal their skin when it becomes inflamed:

Contacting the doctor
Skin inflammation that is caused by medical conditions may require treatment through medication. A doctor will give prescriptions of antibiotics and other medicine which may help to reduce inflammation and help treat infections.

Washing skin by use of soap
The skin that is inflamed can be washed by used with mild soap .Only warm water should be used because it causes less pain.

Applying hydrocortisone cream 
It may help to reduce inflammation and give one pain relief.

Using antihistamine
Antihistamine reduces the effects of allergic reactions and minimizes irritation of the skin. It also prevents the secretion of histamine which is normally produced by the body due to allergies.

Avoiding touching or scratch the inflamed area
Rubbing or touching inflamed skin makes the inflammation worse .One should avoid doing this as much as possible.

Wearing loose protective clothing
One should wear clothes that are loose on their body. This will ensure that the skin is restricted and will thus prevent irritation.

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