Common Chemical Products May Cause Rash

A rash is a skin change which typically involves color, texture and appearance. It may cause itching, swelling, warmth, and painful feeling in the affected area. It can cause the skin texture to change into chapped, bumpy, cracked or blistered feel. It may be localized in a certain part of the body or spreading all throughout. Usually this may be caused by internal and external irritants such as food allergy, infection and skin diseases, medication and chemicals which may cause irritation.

Children are often affected by skin rashes because of their sensitive skins. Some of the common chemical irritants causing skin rashes in children are found in our homes or are being used daily. Here are some examples:


Though sunscreen offers a tough protection against the sun’s harmful rays, it may also cause irritation or rash formation in children especially if the child has sensitive skin. Check the ingredients of the sunscreen your children may be using. Avoid those which have para-aminobenzoic acid, as it may be a potential skin irritant.

Antibacterial soap and soaps with preservatives

Triclosan which is an active ingredient in antibacterial soaps may pose rash risk when used by children with sensitive skin. Also keep out for soaps with ingredients such as formaldehyde as it can cause skin and eye irritation as well as lung irritation in children. Look for products without fragrances and harmful chemicals. You may allow your child to use regular soap and water which may work just as well as other soaps.

Some soap can also trigger the development of eczema in children. Eczema is an inflamed and irritated skin which is common in young children and even babies.

Lotion and other moisturizers

Preserving the softness of our children’s skin is good however, be wary of what lotions and moisturizers you use for them. There are some lotions and moisturizers which contain fragrances which are irritants to children and which may cause rashes. Instead of lotion and moisturizers, you may use mild soap in children with dry skin or you may inquire from a pediatrician what’s best lotion they can suggest.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes do come in handy especially when travelling however, like soaps and lotions; they may contain fragrances that can be an irritant to the tender skin of children. Aside from that, baby wipes also contain alcohol and other chemical preservatives which may be a pain as well or may cause allergic contact dermatitis. Allergic contact dermatitis is a rash which is caused by contact with an allergen.
Instead of baby wipes, you may opt to use wet washcloths which are safer than baby wipes.

Laundry detergent

Some of us may not know that the laundry detergents we are using may cause rash to our children. Some laundry detergent may cause a skin rash called irritant contact dermatitis. Irritant contact dermatitis is a type of rash caused by being in contact with something which may irritate the skin.

Laundry detergent skin irritation can easily be avoided by using detergents without fragrances or dyes. Also make sure that all clothes and beddings are rinsed well to make sure that no detergent residue is left behind.

Though these are common items or products used in our homes and may not cause any irritation with us, you must keep in mind that our children’s skins are more tender and sensitive than ours. We must properly check out product ingredients for anything that may cause irritation to children and so we can also avoid skin diseases that may affect them.

Image credit: bds / 123RF Stock Photo