Essential Supplements – The 5 Every Woman Needs

essential supplements

With all of the conflicting information about supplements, it’s hard to tell necessity from fly-by-night. Though the jury is still out on just how much Vitamin D we should take daily, for instance, at least there is unanimous agreement that Vitamin D is needed daily for proper nutrition. Some of these pills that claim to be weight loss in a bottle, on the other hand, well that’s up to you do judge.


To Supplement or Not to Supplement

There is no fast-track to rapid weight loss or optimal health, nor is there any big secret about how to achieve a sense of overall wellness. To lose weight, simply cut calories, or burn more calories than you consume each day. To achieve overall health and wellness, change your diet and exercise routine.

A vast majority of our daily nutrition needs can be met by eating a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods. This means the bulk of what you eat should be as close to fresh as possible. As we age, however, our bodies lose their ability to absorb nutrition strictly from food and sun exposure, so it’s wise to build the habit early of taking a daily multivitamin.


The Five Essential Supplements for Optimal Health



Ladies under the age of 50 may want to include a daily calcium supplement of at least 500 mg in addition to a calcium-rich diet that includes plenty of kale, dairy, and cheeses. Mature women over 50 should double the dosage to 1000 mg per day, along with a diet of calcium-rich foods. To ensure maximum absorption, take 500 mg in the morning and the rest in the afternoon.


Omega-3 Fish Oils

For whatever reason, women simply don’t eat enough fish. Maybe it’s the taste, or the fear of ocean contaminants, either way women suffer from a decided lack of omega-3 nutrients, the likes of which can be found in fish like salmon, herring, tuna and mackerel. Most women can get away with taking 1 gram of fish oil per day, but if you have a fish allergy of any sort you should certainly consult your doctor before beginning any sort of supplement routine.



Many women need folate because they simply don’t consume the necessary amount of foliage per day, which is where folate is found. A pound of greens per day may sound like a daunting amount, the bulk of which can easily be consumed in the form of shakes, smoothies, and blended salads, but a supplement never hurts if you don’t have a year-round garden filled with kale, spinach, and dark, leafy greens. Getting folate from a multivitamin is fine, but make sure you’re getting at least 400 mg, double that if you may be pregnant.


B Vitamins

Vitamins B6 and B12 are essential energy boosters every woman needs to keep up with the demands of the day. Biotin, another B vitamin, is essential for healthy hair and nails. All women can benefit from taking a B-Complex vitamin each day, especially if there’s a chance we might break a sweat during the day, since this calorie burn drains essential nutrients.

When reading the label of your multivitamin, make sure it provides at least 50% of your daily recommended amount of these sources of vital energy.


Vitamin D

Most of us don’t leave the house without some form of sunscreen, and then the rest of us live in northern states where we’re so bundled up during the winter that we can’t benefit from the Vitamin D provided by exposure to the sun. Vitamin D and Calcium absorption go hand-in-hand, if you’re taking a calcium supplement you may benefit from a supplement of Vitamin D as well.

Better yet, find a Vitamin D supplement that includes calcium as well, just be sure to not exceed over 2000 IU per day as part of your overall diet and vitamin intake.


Finding the Best Deals for Your Dollars

A healthy diet is one rich in fresh-picked fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, all of which can easily be found at your local farmer’s market at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay at the grocery.

Joining a CSA is a fantastic way to support your local farmers, but when it comes to finding a reputable dealer for the best multivitamin for women that’s when online shopping is especially convenient.

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