Fatigue – How To Combat It Effectively?


Fatigue seems to be a modern plague. It is also a common problem. Almost everyone encounters tiredness and exhaustion from time to time in their life. Such temporary occasions of tiredness has a reason and of course a remedy too. Fatigue can be explained as physical and/or mental debilitation and weakness that may be an outcome of stress, emotional concerns, medications, physical exertion, lack of proper sleep and physical or mental illness. Fatigue is an indication that the body needs rest or sleep. If the fatigue is persistent and not relieved by proper rest or sleep then it is a sure sign that something serious is wrong.

Common causes

The causes of fatigue may be varied in nature. It may be either due to physical or psychological reasons. Fatigue may be due to anemia, sleep disorders, persistent pain, depression or even consumption of alcohol. Fatigue can also occur in case of diseases like congestive heart failure, diabetes, cancer, anorexia, Addison’s disease, kidney failure, liver disease, AIDS or even in cases of malnutrition. Consumption of certain medications can also cause drowsiness and fatigue. Viral and bacterial infections also induce fatigue and weariness. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a threatening and crippling illness that causes excruciating exertion and tiredness.


Symptoms of fatigue may include weakness, weariness, lack of energy, lack of concentration, loss of memory, lack of motivation, difficulty in starting and completing tasks, dizziness, palpitations and even shortness of breath.

Diagnosis facts

As fatigue is a result of various symptoms its diagnosis is quite a difficult process. The patient should be thoroughly examined by a qualified doctor to identify the reason for fatigue. The person’s history is obtained and he is made to undergo a physical examination. Then is is advised to perform various diagnostic tests to rule out common causes of fatigue. Diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is very complicated as there is no specific test to evaluate and determine this disorder.

Treatment options

Treatment depends entirely on the causes of fatigue. Generally most of the causes that induce fatigue can be cured with mere medications. Initially they suggest lifestyle changes, dietary changes and a strict exercise regime eliminate fatigue and tiredness. Then they may provide iron supplements for anemia, antibiotics to cure infection and other necessary medications to alleviate sleep disorders, regulate blood sugar or balance thyroid function.

Prevention tips

Both physical and mental fatigue can be prevented by managing stress, developing a habit of regular exercise and by having a well-balanced nutritious diet. One should also reduce caffeine consumption, get enough sleep and rest and maintain consistent energy levels to combat fatigue.

One should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, alleviate and manage stress, practice relaxation techniques, exercise moderately and learn to have a positive approach to life. Aromatherapy and hydrotherapy can also help a lot in alleviating stress related fatigue. Above all a person should analyze the reason for his/her fatigue and adapt to preventive measures to control fatigue and cope up with the symptoms effectively.

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