How to Achieve Glowing Tanned Skin?

glowing tanned skinTired of your snow white skin that’s too pale for this summer? Do you want your skin to look like the glimmering brown skin of so many famous Hollywood stars? Now, you don’t have to suffer from the heat of the sun just to get a beautifully tanned skin.

Sure, the sun is one of the easiest and most favored methods for getting tanned skin but, more often than not, you will end up burnt and do serious damage to your skin resulting in overly dry, wrinkled skin down the track.

So, turn your back on the sun and say hello to the modern methods of achieving the best tan your skin deserves.



A part of the makeup routine of famous Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Lopez, bronzer is a blush-like cosmetic used to give a health glowing tanned skin on the face, neck and chest areas.

Bronzers come in three forms – powder, gel and lotion. Make-up artists say that the powder bronzers are the best to use because they create a more natural tan compared to lotion or gel.


Spray Tan

Enough of the dangerous tanning beds already! Switch to the safe and effective spray tans that so many women are crazy about!

Spray tan is applied on the skin by either a professional or a machine while you stay inside a booth for no more than 10 minutes. This tanning solution transforms the skin from washed-out to radiant in no time!

The spray tan method is perfect for ladies who are after a sun-kissed glow for a special event or summer holiday as the colour lasts anywhere from 5-10 days (give or take), depending on the efforts to care for your spray tan.

The spray tan is becoming more and more affordable these days, often costing between $20-$40 for a full body tan. The price varies depending on the solution used, and whether a professional or a machine is applying the tan.

The best time to undergo the spray tan method is around 2-3 days before your anticipated occasion or event you’re going to attend. This is because after 2-3 days, the tan looks very natural. Also, you’ll have plenty of time to study your tanned skin in front of the mirror and decided whether it makes you look more stunning than your previous skin tone.

Another tip regarding the spray tan is to choose a tan shade no more than 2-3 shades darker than the natural or original skin tone you have. Follow this tip if you still want to be recognized by your friends, without some awkward giggling and jokes making reference to “oompa loompas”.

Often before a spray tan you will be asked to remove any unwanted hair and exfoliate your skin. You may be given some cream to apply lightly to your hands, knees, feet and any other areas that are overly dry. This will prevent too much absorption of the tanning solution on your hands, knees and feet so you end up with an even looking tan.


Self Tanner Spray or Lotion

The difference between the spray tan and the self tanner spray or lotion is that the latter can be bought over the counter at some drugstores and most beauty shops, whereas the spray tan is usually exclusively acquired from tanning or beauty salons.

Being self-guided, you must be more careful in using the self tanner because there have been many people who have experienced skin disasters.
It’s important to buy the self tanner of the highest quality. To learn more about this, search for self tanner products online and read reviews written by previous or current users of the product.

Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo