The Top 4 Reasons To Choose Skincare Without Parabens

skin care without parabens
The amount of skincare products that are used by both women and men has seen a huge increase over recent years. Many of these contain things called parabens which are used as preservatives and help prevent bacteria being able to grow in skincare products and keep them sanitized.

However, recently there has been huge debate about the safety of parabens where some scientists have said that coming into contact with small doses are relatively harmless while others say that we should avoid parabens completely.

In response to this many consumers have found a new improved version of their usual products which contain the information ‘skincare without parabens’, albeit at a slightly higher price. There are many reasons why spending that little bit extra to purchase skincare without parabens is a good idea, but read on for a list of the top 4.

Many parabens that are used in skincare actually mimic estrogen and cause the levels to increase in the body. Now, high levels of estrogen have been linked with breast cancer in the past and have also been found to adversely affect the reproductive organs in a woman’s body.

Studies of cancerous tumors that have been removed from women’s breasts have been shown to contain levels of parabens. It has not yet been fully proven that parabens increase the risk of breast cancer, but it is certainly better to be safe than sorry and choose skincare without parabens.

Carrying on from the theme above, a similar study in men showed that men using skincare with parabens often have lower levels of testosterone and lower sperm counts when compared with men that use skincare without parabens. As well as causing problems for men that wish to have children some day, lower levels of testosterone can have all sorts of problems for the health of men; especially as they get older.

Products that are applied to your skin are absorbed into your body up to ten times quicker than products that are directly injected into your blood stream. It has already been shown that even small amounts of parabens stay in your body much longer than initially thought. Taking into consideration the warnings and findings from scientists involved in the study of how harmful parabens really are, I think you will agree that the wisest choice is skincare without parabens.

One of the most common parabens found in skincare products is Methylparaben, especially those specifically designed for the face. Often facial creams that contain this claim to help reduce the effects of aging and even slow the aging process down.

Unfortunately, if you apply skincare with this paraben to your face and then expose yourself to ultraviolet light, over time this will actually make your skin age must faster and much worse than it would have done otherwise. To make sure that you keep your youthful looks for as long as possible, always choose skincare without parabens.

As you can see from the information above, choosing skincare without parabens is the sensible thing to do. It may cost a little more and the products may not last as long, but it really is not worth the risk.

Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo