Tips For A Healthy, Glowing Skin

healthy and glowing skin
Having radiant skin is a top goal for most people who gaze into their mirror each morning. When your skin shines with the light of health, it changes your entire appearance. Regardless of what you do with your hair or makeup, having good skin cannot be missed. Even in your pajamas, fresh and healthy skin can give you the confident air you seek.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. It is an incredibly resilient part of us, coming into contact with all sorts of damage and pollutants every single day. No wonder so many people have blemishes, acne and other skin problems! Luckily, there are lots of ways you can turn the health of your skin around.


Beginning with Repairs

Total skin rejuvenation begins with first healing the damage your skin has undergone. Is your skin leathery from too much sun exposure? Maybe it is dry and flaky, or perhaps you struggle with an oily shine. Whatever problem area your skin currently presents, you must first address this existing condition before you will notice the benefits of better skin care.

In most cases, what unhealthy skin needs to repair itself is nutrients and gentle care. Avoid washing your face with regular soap. The skin on our faces is much more sensitive and prone to damage than other areas so a gentle soap is required. Start cleansing your skin at least once a day and following up with a moisturizer and toner.

This routine will clean out your pores before providing the protective moisturizing your damaged skin needs.


Dry Skin Specifics

If you suffer from dry skin, ditch soap altogether and rinse your face with warm water instead. Afterwards, use a clean towel to gently pat the area dry. Avoid rubbing your face dry or using a dirty towel as these practices can just irritate your skin further.

With dry skin, moisturizing is more important than ever. You should be using a high quality moisturizer after every cleanse, wash and rinse of your face to help it recover from dryness. For true skin rejuvenation, apply a toner at least once a day. You can either by a product specifically made to tone skin or you can use an ingredient like vitamin E oil.

Either way, your skin will be getting extra help as it recover from being dry, cracked and flaky for too long.


Taking Charge

Once your skin begins to recover from the damage it incurred, you can start thinking about ways to maintain and even further improve the health of your skin. The best place to start is by making sure you are drinking plenty of water. Most of the human body is water and skin, our largest organ, is no exception.

Drinking at least the traditionally recommended eight cups a day will have an immediate effect on the way you look and feel.

Make sure your diet includes plenty of foods that have antioxidants, a key nutrient in rebuilding and maintaining healthy skin. Berries and beans are your best bet for this essential nutrient. For best skin care results, eat tasty, healthy foods and stay hydrated.

You can trust that whatever is good for your skin will be good for your body and the other way around, too. Healthy skin not only lends a more attractive face when you rise each morning, it is a reflection that your body is healthy, too!

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