Useful Information About Cellulitis And MRSA

cellulitis and mrsa

Cellulitis is a disease that affects the dermis and subcutaneous tissues of the skin. It is caused by either the Staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria which gets into the body through an opening or a break in one’s skin. Other types of bacteria can also cause this infection.

Methicillin – resistant Staph aureus or MRSA is a type of bacteria that develops immunity to cephalosporins, penicillins and other beta- lactam antibiotics.



The body responds when the infection enters the body by showing the signs and symptoms of cellulitis. The bacteria that cause this infection enters the body through areas that have skin breaks resulting from bruises , cuts , burns and insect bites . Areas that are swollen or even dry can provide a way for the bacteria too.

The immune system responds when the bacteria enter the body, just like the way it responds when other bacteria and pathogens enter the bloodstream of an individual. Cellulitis is shown in an individual through inflammation that is accompanied by redness on the skin .It is a result of the attack on the immune system by bacteria.

This infection can affect any part of an individual’s body , but is mainly found on the legs , face and arms .If one’s face is infected , treatment should be sought quickly because this may make an individual more susceptible to eye infection as well as meningitis.

Individuals suffering from ailments such as eczema, diabetes, psoriasis and fungal infection are very vulnerable to being infected. Those who have a weak immune system are also at a high risk.
Treatment for this infection involves giving of antibiotics to patients. The antibiotics can be taken orally or administered by use of intravenous or topical means.



The potential risk of severe MRSA infection has increased with time. CA- MRSA is a type of the bacteria which causes recurrence of both cellulitis and abscesses. It is not unusual for one to get infected with Cellulitis from MRSA. The seriousness of the infection depends with the general health of a patient.

Individuals who have been in situations requiring long term health care can easily get MRSA Cellulitis than those who are not .This is because they may have open wounds after undergoing surgery , through which the MRSA bacteria can enter into the body.

In addition, they may come into close contact with people who are carriers of the bacteria such as hospital staff and other patients .Infection caused by MRSA superbug can result to very serious consequences.

This infection can be prevented in the following ways: Avoiding sharing personal items especially in a medical facility such as a hospital. Practicing good body hygiene. Cleaning wounds regularly. Keeping hand sanitizer.

Wrapping wounds with new patches after cleaning them. Using disinfecting wipes for hands.

Cellulitis that is caused by MRSA can be treated by use of antibiotics that are administered orally or through topical or intravenous means. The way or means chosen depends with the extent of the infection in an individual. In some cases, an infected individual may be required to stay in hospital for follow up care.

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