What Causes Cellulitis And Who Is At Risk?

what causes cellulitis and who Is at risk

A skin infection, which is caused by a specific type of bacterial attack, is referred as cellulitis. Cellulitis is a kind of skin ailment, which should not be neglected at any cost. In absence of proper care and attention, this skin problem can create severe pain or discomfort.

Of course, not everyone gets affected so easily by this disease; there are few conditions or reasons which encourage this disease to occur. The next two sections describe the various causes of cellulitis and the type of people who are more likely to develop this disease.


What are the various causes of cellulitis?

Usually, few specific types of bacteria already reside on the skin and they do not create any noticeable impact or discomfort on the skin surface.

However, if the bacteria enter the deep layer of the skin through a cut, skin scratch or any type of insect bite; they can infect the interconnected tissues or soft nerves of the skin. If it happens, the condition will be described as cellulitis.

Another dismaying fact about cellulitis is that once the bacteria infect the skin, they start to spread very rapidly. Skin breaks, which are created through an ulcer, a burn or other types of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, can initiate cellulitis. Skin damage created during radiation therapy or chemotherapy can also cause this skin ailment.


Who are more susceptible to this disease?

Cellulitis can infect a person at any point of his/her life. But unfortunately, people, who have some special medical conditions, are more vulnerable to this disease. The medical complications outlined below should be taken seriously. A clear knowledge about these conditions will help a person to become more cautious or take preventive measures.

First, it can be said that obese people are at higher risk of developing this condition. Though cellulitis can infect any place of the body, legs are the most common location in this case. Since obese people suffer more from leg swelling, the probability of developing a leg infection is quite high for them.

Second, a weak immune system can easily encourage this disease. The human body can’t defend itself without the help of a strong immune system and becomes more susceptible to cellulitis.

Third, people with diabetic tendency are likely to develop this problem. Diabetes deteriorates body’s immune system. As discussed above, poor immune system can’t fight this bacterial infection.

Fourth, improper blood circulation can invite this problem too. Some people experience skin problems due to improper blood supply to the affected areas. These areas of the skin get infected very easily.

Fifth, chickenpox in children causes skin blisters. If the blisters break accidentally, the particular skin area becomes an ideal place for the bacteria to enter the inner layer of the skin and infect the tissues.

Sixth, Lymphoedema is another condition which induces cellulitis.


The facts mentioned above explain what causes cellulitis and who is at risk. So, if any person identifies any abnormal skin condition or uncomfortable symptoms like fever, swollen glands, chills etc., he/she should opt for immediate medical attention to diagnose the severity of the condition. It goes without saying that early detection is far more desirable than increased complication.

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