What Is Important To Know About Breast Cellulitis

breast cellulitis

Breast cellulitis is simply an infection of the skin occurred on the breast area. It is painful and appears swollen and red in color. If not treated it causes complications that are serious like the death of the breast tissues and spreading to the rest of the body.

Patients get antibiotics to rid the body of the organisms. When the condition is severe, an operation will be necessary to remove the tissue that has been affected.

The infection can develop due to several factors that is surgery, bites from insects and scratches that are accidental. This opens a doorway for microorganisms to enter the breast and form their colonies under the skin.

If the immune system is weak the chances of breast cellulitis are increased.

There are two kinds of cellulitis where one affects a woman that is lactating and the other for non-lactating women which results from wounds after surgery and poor health habits. Lactating breast cellulitis results when the nipples of the mum are damaged and the bacteria in the baby’s mouth come to contact with it leads to the infection.

The best cure for this infection is prevention and there are a few things one needs to do to ensure this. One needs to avoid smoking as the cigarettes have substances that dry the skin and cause it to crack attracting bacteria to these areas.

In addition, tattooing is another vice and if you have to get one ensure they heal quickly so as not to attract the bacteria.

Those that smoke heavily need to aware of the number of cigarettes they consume each day and work on ways to quit this vice. All items of clothing need to be comfortable.

There are skins that are sensitive and will react to certain materials. When the condition happens avoid sweating too much as this will make things worse.

There are too people who constantly suffer from the infections of the skin like breast cellulitis. The doctor may recommend some measures of hygiene or have an antibiotic order to be given to the patients at the onset of this infection. If the infection is active it is recommended that one wears clean clothes at all times.

These clothes need to have room for fresh air so that the breasts are always dry. Mainly what a doctor does in case of a surgery is to clean out the breast by flushing fluids and pus removing the tissue that is dead and making drains so the infection is drained as the infection clears. There are cases that the breast may need to be reconstructed after the infection has cleared.

It’s important to have the breasts examined by the doctor so as to use the correct antibiotics for the bacteria causing the problem. Good results are only achieved when one follow exactly what the doctor says. Regular follow ups and examinations are important as a few sessions will not clear the condition.

The only way to recover fully is to be vigilant in the developments of the body and observing proper hygiene.

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