What’s The Connection Between Cellulitis And Erysipelas

cellulitis and erysipelas

Cellulitis is an infection of tissues and skin which occur just beneath the skin surface. Any region of skin may get affected but generally leg is the most common region where it occurs. To overcome it, a patient must undergo a treatment of antibiotics which normally clears out the infection.

If you are suffering from leg cellulitis then try to keep your foot above than our hip, it will prevent further swelling of the affected region. This will reduce the pain.


Difference Between Cellulitis And Erysipelas

Cellulitis is a kind of infection which occurs in skin’s deep layer which is called as dermis and subcutaneous tissues. Subcutaneous tissues are layers of tissues and fat under the skin.

On the other hand, erysipelas is a type of infection which is very near to the surface of skin and it’s more superficial than cellulitis infection.

Practically, it is very difficult to describe how much deeper the infection is, so we can say that erysipelas and cellulitis have not much difference.


What Causes Erysipelas And Cellulitis?

The skin is considered as a very strong barrier against any kind of infection. But any kind of cut, ulcer, athlete’s foot, injection and scratch can create a loop hole in the barrier and germs can easily get inside the skin.

A small cut is good enough to cause bacterial infection inside the skin. As soon as bacteria get inside your skin, they start spreading under skin surface which leads to infection.

But it is not necessary to suffer skin infection only due to cut. There is a bacterium which causes infection without any cut on the skin.


Who Suffer From Erysipelas And Cellulitis?

Erysipelas and cellulitis are a very common problem in today’s world. Anyone can get affected. But there are few things which make you more vulnerable to the infection.

Following things make you more vulnerable to the infection.
1. Athlete’s foot
2. Skin Cut
3. Swollen legs
4. Overweight
5. Obesity
6. Weak immune system
7. Consumption of steroids
8. Chemotherapy
9. Uncontrolled diabetes
10. Insect bite
11. Eczema


Treatment For Erysipelas And Cellulitis

Following treatment will help you to overcome erysipelas infection and cellulitis infection.

Antibiotics: In this you need to consume antibiotic tablets to clear the bacteria causing skin infection. Usually, doctors advise a seven day antibiotic course.

After seven days, the doctor will check you and if doctor feel to continue the course then more antibiotic tablets will be recommended.

If after taking the antibiotic tablets, your infection is still growing then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Your doctor will recommend some other tablets which will cure your pain.

Elevation: In this method, gravity is used to heal the affected body part and reduce swelling. This method is to be performed as long as the infection is not reduced.

If infection is in your leg then raise your leg higher than the level of hip. By doing this, gravity will help to reduce the swelling because of a change in the direction of blood in the leg.

The simplest way to perform this method is to lie on the sofa and then put the affected leg on the arm of the sofa; you can also use a number of cushions or pillows to raise the leg above the hip level.

Similarly, you can perform this method for other affected areas.

A good hygienic life and regular exercise can prevent cellulitis and erysipelas. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Before using any other method, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

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